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We have available in our workshop the Austrian Laser Cutter Trotec SP1500.

Its working area (1500 x 1250 mm) allows us to work with big formats, using a wide variety of materials such as:
• plexiglass
• wood and plywood
• cardboard
• laminates.
The laser works even with highly complicated graphics, being able to cut precisely subtle contours and small details in pictures, logos and signs.

A laser beam is focused by the lens. All the power of the laser is focused in a single point, reaching high temperatures that melt and vaporize the material. Lasers ensure perfect cuts and sharp, clear and even edges.

While cutting the acrylic the glossy effect is achieved with polished edges. In the case of glass we can observe an interesting matt effect, whereas in the process of cutting wood and plywood it creates unique dark edges.

Laser cutting allows to achieve precise effects while working with many types of materials and it is the solution for many projects from the field of advertisement, like:
• 3D signs
• POS displays
• Engraved elements
• Semi-finished products for further production
• Tarnishing the glass