3D Signs and spatial forms

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We make various types of spatial signs – illuminated and non-illuminated. 

Non-illuminated signs, we mill and laser cut from various types of materials – plexiglass, PVC, dibond and also styrodur foam. It is possible to make it in any size, colour and thickness. 

Illuminated signs are the most effective form of advertising. 

Depending on the size, we make them in various technologies:

  • spatial forms in the alurapid tape system – (with 15-20 cm signs) where the back is cut out of 10 mm PVC,  the side is made of system aluminum tape avaible in various widths and colours, the front is made of 5 mm milk plexiglass covered with translucent foils of specific colours,
  • spatial signs made of aluminum sheet – technology used for larger signs (over 200 cm) – back and sides welded from aluminum sheet, front assembled systemically from milk plexiglass covered with translucent foils in specific colours,
  • spatial letters in the technology of flexible vinyl face – with very large signs (over 200 cm) – back and sides made of powder coated aluminum sheet for a specific colour, while the front is made of vinyl fabric with a colour obtained by applying translucent foils or printing.
  1. Illuminated
  2. Non-illuminated

All signs are illuminated by diods, powerded by the MeanWell power supplies, ones of the best in the market.